What is included in the price?
    The displayed rate includes the price of the room as well as the options that appear in its title. All the hotel amenities are displayed on the hotel page. Please note that the hotel might charge an extra for certain options (SPA, parking…)

    Can I pay by cash at the hotel?
    The room is to be paid directly upon arrival through any payment method the hotel usually accepts. If your credit card details are required it will only serve as a guarantee and you will be able to pay for the room through any payment method the hotel usually offers.

    What does the percentage next to the price mean?
    On our site, you will notice a small circle next to the price on the left containing a percentage. This represents the discount on the overnight price, negotiated by

    Is the indicated dayuse rate for 1 or 2 people?
    All dayuse rates indicated on our website are for 1 or 2 people maximum.


    How can I be sure that my reservation has been confirmed?
    Once you’ve filled out the reservation form, the confirmation page appears. You will then receive an e-mail or a text message (depending on which you chose during the reservation), with all the reservation details as well as your reservation number.

    Can I cancel a booking?
    Yes, and it’s very simple ! You can cancel your booking up until the last minute, free of charge*. Have your reservation number ready and click here to cancel. Otherwise you can also do it through your account on Both you and the hotel will receive a cancellation email. If you don’t show up at the hotel without cancelling your reservation, we will consider the booking as a “No-Show” and you won’t be able to book again through our website without a credit card.You will have to provide a credit card to guarantee your further bookings. Do not cancel your reservation directly at the hotel, you must cancel through our website or by contacting our customer service at the following number: 0203 318 4677. Otherwise, the cancellation won’t be taken into account.
    *Except for overnight stays

    How to change the reservation date?
    If you want to change the date of your booking, simply log in to your account or click on the link in your confirmation e-mail to make any changes.


    How do the dayuse time slots work?
    The check-in and check-out times vary depending on the hotel’s organisation ; they are indicated on the hotels page and are not amendable. Your room will not be available before the check-in time and you must free the room before the check-out time. If the time-slot isn’t convenient for you, please select another hotel that suits you better or contact us. The arrival time you’ve indicated during the reservation is merely suggestive and you may arrive earlier/later if you wish, all the while taking the time slot into consideration.

    Can I make my dayuse reservation by e-mail?
    Reservations cannot be made by e-mail. You will be required to provide personal details to fill out the reservation form.You may nonetheless contact us by phone to make a reservation. In that case have your e-mail adresse and mobile number ready before calling us.

    How can I find the reservation number?
    You can find all the information concerning your future reservations on your online account. If you do not have one yet, please contact our customer service so that they can provide this information for you.

    This reservation number is also indicated in the email/text message you have received right after processing the reservation.

    Why do you receive a text message when booking ?
    The PIN sent by text message to your phone is simply to confirm your reservation, it is not the actual confirmation number. This code will never be asked for and cannot be used to cancel a reservation. The PIN text message is sent immediatly. If you do not receive it, wait a bit or contact us. If you do not receive it, there is probably an issue with your operator.


    Can I book a dayuse if I’m under aged?
    No, you must be over 21 to book a dayuse through our web site. The hotel may ask for an ID in case they have a doubt concerning your age. This rule applies to all people concerned by the reservation.

    Can I reserve for 3 people?
    No, the rooms are for 1 or 2 people only. The hotel may cancel the reservation if more than 2 people show up. Please, contact us should you be more than 2 and we will be happy to assist you.

    Is the booking discreet?
    When you make the reservation, the form which saves your information is entirely secure. You can check this (the address starts with https) and also ask your navigator to confirm this. If you make a booking which requires credit card details, these will automatically be encripted by the system. Even dayuse employees have no access to these. They will be destroyed 5 days after the booking has taken place.

    What is the customer account for?
    The customer account is your personal space You will find your past, future or canceled reservations (except for those without connection to your account) and you can manage your favorite hotels. You will also find all the information concerning the procedures of cancellation or modification of your reservations.


    Is it possible to book a dayuse for a photo shoot?
    Yes it is possible, some hotels accept these types of requests. Please contact us with a list of hotels you’d like to make the booking at beforehand (through mail or phone) so as for us to make sure one of the hotels can accept the request.

    How can I know if the hotel offers parking?
    Some hotels offer parking, whether it’s free or at an extra charge. You will find this information on the page of the hotel on our website, in the equipment section. Upon arrival at the hotel you may also ask reception about it.

    Can I submit in a complaint?
    We work hard with our hotel partners to make your dayuse is pleasant as possible. Nevertheless issues may occur. In this case please report this by filling out our complaint form through the contact section. You must indicate your reservation number as well.
    Non-contractual pictures.


    Would you like a dayuse sales representative to contact you to speak about joining our website? Please fill out the form specifying the hotel’s website, the number of rooms it has and all other information that could be useful to us.


    You are a journalist and would like to obtain our media kit or any other information on our company? Please fill out the form.


    You’re one of our partners and would like to contact our accounting department? Please fill out the form.

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